Thursday, 21 August 2014

 Bypass and Crack android Pattern Lock

Hi Folks, Whats up? Hope You all guys will be fine shine. I'm now going to introduce you from a way to Bypass & Unlock android Pattern Lock. Hope You'll Like This Tutorial. Let's First Collect the Requirements.


  1. Rooted Android Device
  2. ADB Shell & Files (Click to Download)
  3. Windows or Linux Environment (Windows is Used in this tutorial)

So guys just check if you have requirements Then Let's start the Process of cracking of Pattern Lock. First of all Enable Debugging Mode on Your Android devices and connect it to your PC or Laptop, Then Just Extract the Files You've downloaded on your desktop and Move to the inner folder then press shift and Right Click and select open command window here. 

Bypass Android Pattern Lock UrduSecurity

okay now You'll see a command line prompt. what you have to do is to type in.
  • adb devices
This Command Will check if your device is connected properly to your PC or no, and Then You've to provide the following command to get an adb shell.
  •  adb shell
Finally you should see something Like this after These Commands.

Fine , Now You've to get root access Which you can get By Typing in.
  • su
and you'll be root user now. So What you Have to do now. Basically The Pattern Lock is saved at following place.
  • /data/system/gesture.key
so We'll delete this file and password is Cracker / Bypassed, See Below Picture as example.

Bypass Android Pattern Lock UrduSecurity

and if You've Done Everything same as i've done without any error, Congratulations. Your Lock is Cracked and Bypassed. Try to Unlock Your Android By any gesture and it'll get unlocked.

Need any Clarification or any question, Please Let me know via Email or Comments.


Bypass and Crack Android Pattern Lock

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