Monday, 7 April 2014

CPlusPlus Programming For Hackers

Hi Readers, We've Started From the Very Basic Programming Language That is C++ and in Almost Every Country, Students start From C++, So We've Conducted This Primer as

C Plus Plus For Hacker 

In This Primer We'll Look at InfoSec Hacking With CPlusPlus.

#Intro & Basics of C++

Functions,IF-Else,Switch Cases,Comments

C-Plus-Plus For Hackers - UrduSec

Description: C++ is Object Oriented Programming Language and We are going to apply it on InfoSec Security Research.(Muhammad Adeel)
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    1. Salaam Bro how are you?
      bro you are using ubuntu on your laptop .i also want to try Linux .bro suggest me good distro plus good c++ complier .

      1. Wassalam Im Fine Alhamdulillah, If You are Beginner in Linux World Then i Would Recomend u to Use "LinuxMint", or if u know Basics then Try Ubuntu 13.04(Raring) , it is stable one I got there. and I'm Using G++,Gcc compiler it comes Pre Installed in Ubuntu 13.04 , You can get from Ubuntu Archive asWell.


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