Wednesday, 9 April 2014

UrduSecurity Cross site Scripting XSS

Hello Guyz, XSS is Common vulnerability these Days in Multiple Web Applications and Even in high Profile sites so I Thought to Share some Knowledge About XSS aswell.

Hope You'll Like This Tutorial.

XSS training - Cookie & Session Stealing

Description: XSS is Also Known as Cross site Scripting vulnerability and These Days it is very common in Many Web Applications Even In High Profile Sites Like Google , Facebook etc etc. Watch Tutorial and Leave Your Feed Back in Comments.(Muhammad Adeel | UrduSecurity)
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    1. lots of noise than your voice dear Adil almost in every video tut poor quality etc,
      anyway awesome work but if u prepare your video's step by step with real time practical for example,
      just like an SQL injection as u mention in your some of tut that how to hack but as an security expert u didn't tell us how to secure your website from SQL injection right.? with shot method not complex please as u shown in XSS prevent its good to explain.

      Work in Xss How to pentest or check the security of your site for XSS attack and your another video should be how to secure i hope u understand what im talking about and if u prepare your videos in our mother language (URDU) as u call to your blog Urdu security so please prepare it into Urdu language were we can completely understand
      thank you for your good work

      1. - Basically Its noisy area where i live so i try to handle this issue every time but you can see videos to the extent which i can.
        - Quality is high obviously but when i upload at VIMEO, it decreases its quality , coz i used there free account
        - if i upload to youtube, Mostly Users can't visit it.
        - I'm providing almost every basic or dvanced thing but keep in mind that a single person can't do a lot , so i do when i get time, and FOR PAtching and Attacking the Minor Bugs, I'm writing a Book 'Patch this Bug' That will be in Market soon so It Will cover Everything and Will be Provided here Free. #REf:

        As I've Viewers from all around the world so i use english but i'll soon make a portion of only Urdu tuts Also.

        Stay tuned.

    2. May ALLAH blessed you for your Upcoming book ..
      keep it up Adil..!!

      1. Thanks For Your Best wishes, Share us For More Informative Stuff :P


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