Saturday 25 October 2014

Web Apps Pentesting


Hi, Im Muhammad Adeel From UrduSecurity, here Im gonna describe a simplest way with a simple example that how now a days hackers are tricking the Search Engine bots in order to let them think that the injected code is not a spam or they can hide it in a realistic way so that the bots think that the code is legit.


one of the best way to do the job is inserting our SPAM CODE between <div> tag with an ID or  Class. and Finally we have an option to add a Javascript to hide that DIV tag.

Trick:   We can use school level Math to Fool the engines and make a div tag Spammy, and to make ID to look different in javascript.

An Example code of the Described type of Attack Could be as follows.

Pentration testing


The idea is simple as we can see id=10 and we are accessing it through javascript by (5*2) . Malware generates a random number , lets say ('X'), and doubles the number then use it as spam <DIV> tag. Finally using the Multiplication Operator to let the Search Engine Bots think that its legit and trustworthy.


How Hackers Hidding Spam Codes Now

Description: Hackers hiding/obfuscating the spam codes in a tricky way so that the Search Engine bots can't get them, here is a simple demo/Example.
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