Friday 18 July 2014

UrduSec Muhammad adeel

Hello Dear Fans, Recently I've just Posted A tutorial on  How to Use Pentester ToolKit. Now I'm Here to Blog about My New Tool Which can scan thousands of email in couple of Mintes in order to brute force its domains & Check for DNS Misconfiguration.

Here is How to Get it & Use, I've Partitioned the Process in two parts,

For Linux

  1. open Terminal & type: sudo git clone 
  2. now Type:  cd Hostifier
  3. Now Type: python
For  Windows
 Download Hostifier Here
  1. Now Only Extract it & Run using python

it Checks for dns Miconfiguration Aswell , if Any has address then it is vulnerable to dns Misconfigurtion.

if you have any Problem in Understanding it, Let me know.

Hostifier - Dns Misconfiguration Detecter & Dns BruteForcer

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    1. thats my site in image :D :D thanks

      1. Ahaan, hope it should be patched then. Welcome

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