Friday, 4 April 2014

Satellites Hacking

Hello Readers. as We Promised we'll Show You the Posible Ways of Advanced Hacking and exploitation so Whats Now Here?? I'm With a Complete and Applied Stuff To Hack Satellites and Play Around Them! 

P.S : its Not Anything Which I'm Doing Practically Because i Can't Launch My Own Satellite and Test with all Tools Mentioned in Presentationto Show you Guys the Way Practically.


  • Not Allowed.
  • Very Expensive
  • Against Ethics of Hacking

Sorry for My Bad English :D

So Now See The Video and Get Knbowledge of Idea Behind How this Whole Process Works!

Special Greets to : Leonardo Nve, Adium Laurie , You can google More About them on Your Own Will if You are Curious to Know More About Satellites Hacking.

Satellites Hacking - A Sketch By UrduSecurity

Description: Satellites Hacking A Simple & Brief Sketch By Muhammad Adeel | Founder of UrduSecurity!
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    1. we cannot hack dvbs2 sats?

      1. We Can! We'll get Data in Encrypted Formate so We Have to Decrypt the Data or Add Some Filters to Read the Data .. Actually I'm Not Much Sure About it Because I've not done it Practically so I can't Say How to Decrypt That Data But It is Possible to Attack DVBs2 Aswell!!

    2. What the Benefit ho Satellites Hacking

      1. We Can do TCP Session Hijacks,DNS Spoofing Attacks and Much More , I'll Refer You to Read Leonardo Nve's Slides => Playing in satellites Environment, Just google it !


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