Thursday, 20 March 2014

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Currently I've Completed Two Primers of with Great Stuff & Information

Now I'm Here With CSRF Primer. and I Hope You Guyz Will Like My stuff, Don't Forget to Share us and incase of Any queries You are More than Welcome to Drop me an E mail or Comment Down Your Problem Without Any Hesitation , I'll Get Back to You as soon as Possible.

Now Lets Start Our Journey Toward CSRF - Cross Site Request Forgery

Lecture #1

Covering The Misconceptions & Intro to CSRF

Lecture #2

Performing CSRF Attack and Understanding the Mechanism Practically


  1. DVWA Lab
  2. Attacking Payload Which i've Provided

Attacking Payload:

HTML Attack Code For CSRF inside DVWA Lab . Security Type : Low Author : Muhammad Adeel | Founder UrduSecurity (c) 2014

--><body onload="document.frames[o].submit()">
<form action="" method="POST">
<input name="CSRF1" value="Muhammad Adeel"><input name="CSRF2" value="UrduSecurity">

Lecture #3

Preventing YourSelf From Being Victim of CSRF

Hope I've cleared Every thing, If You Guys Have any Problem to Understand This Primer , Please Let me Know By Commenting down Your Queries Below the Post , Thanks For Your FeedBack for HTML&JS Primer and MetaSploit Expert Primer.

UrduSecurity CSRF Primer Complete Guidance

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